Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Today I start to learn Japanese.

1. I like Japan.
2. I think there are some great comics and books written in Japanese.
3. I like some Japan TV series and shows.
4. Maybe someday I will live in Japan.
5. Ok, Japanese girls are cute.

Friday, October 31, 2014

One plan

Today I launch a new plan call one plan, it include do these things every day:
  1. watch one TED video
  2. answer one stack overflow question
  3. answer one quora question 
  4. one round of Duolingo
  5. one round of Rosetta Stone
  6. read some pages of one book
  7. go to my gym once
  8. write one diary 
  9. fix one issue of any of my projects
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Sunday, June 29, 2014

The world is one big dataset. Now, how to photograph it ...

This is a very great TED speech:

The world is one big dataset. Now, how to photograph it ...

Why USA is the most great country in the world, I think is because the freedom, because sky is the limit, any people want to change world can try to, this country give people chance to try, to fail, and try again.

Make this kind private satellite in China is unthinkable, government will think you as spy. Make SpaceX government will think you try to make some weapon to against them. And some business man try to cooperate with government recover petroleum, but when the oil field really start to produce, local government force acquire these private petroleum company's property.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Learning how to cook Italy food from show of Lidia

She always add salt use her hand, and every time more slat and more olive oil, every dish look so delicious.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Always have faith means always have dreams.

 Stupid, but always have dreams.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

When you learn something, learning itself isn't the thing cost you most time, hesitation will cost most your time

When you learn something, learning itself isn't the thing cost you most time, hesitation will cost most your time. Sometime people just like to hesitate again and again, enjoy to  hesitate...
Learn something is not so hard, the people cannot learn anything, they take their time ask again and again, "Is it easy?", and don't even think about getting start, even don't just open Xcode and write some "Hello world" code. How hard is it? But...
 And, every time something new pop up, they will be inspired to learn, and ask so many question,  then just do nothing.
Please remember, shot then aim, start driving then change direction, otherwise you will get a perfect never start project or life...

Thursday, May 01, 2014

My speech "Pirate Revelation" at TEDxUIC

Host: Please listen to the story of "how did Hao Peiqiang change the world".

Hao: Acturly, I think I might can not change the world.

Do you guys know what is it? Do you know?

This is the "gutter oil".

 Audiences: Ahhhh!

Did you ever eat it?

Audiences: Yes.

Is there anyone can stand up tell me he never eat it?

Audiences: No.

Me too.

 Do you know what is it?

Audiences: SanLu (The famous Chinese milk brand, because their posion milk)

Did you ever drink it?

Audiences: (Laugh)

I think if you have ever drink it, you may not have the chance to go to college.

These is a website, they provide a map of the AQI (Air Quality Index) of all over the world.

Can you see any interesting pattern?

Basically you'll find that, the closer to our country, the worse the air quality is, isn't it?

Then there is a very odd point. This is Australian.

When I post this picture on my forum (OurCoders.com),

One of my friend who work at Australian, he reply my post , said,

Why is there a point AQI so hight is 185 in Australian?

I said I don't know, I don't know what happen in Australian.

5 minutes later, he reply again,

 he said, I know what happen, I find a news link, somewhere in that area is on fire.

Audiences: (Laugh)

This is true story.

Then do you know this?

Water pollution

What age do we live in?

I hear someone talk about  innovate and local spirit of Guangzhou.

And I hear someone talk about inherit.

I don't know what topic the later speaker will talk about.

So I want to talk about something bad.

We call all these bad thing we talk about before, mutually hurting society.

You know these people making gutter oil,

they make some posion oil, but they didn't target to you,

they don't know who will buy these oil.

Then people pollute air, they don't know,

Oh, I think they know, because everyone will breath that air.

People who pollute water, they don't  know exactly who will drink these water.

So they did not posion you as target.

They will say we are try to live, try to feed my family.

But they will finally hurt everyone.

This is my understanding of mutually hurting society.

Today I want to talk about "Pirate", the representation of mutually hurting society in IT industry.

Do you think pirate is belong to mutually hurting society phenomenon?

This is Steve Ballmer, former president of Microsoft,

In 2011, when he was interviewed by a journalist,  he said,

He said, Microsoft's total revenue in China is less than what it gets in the Netherlands.

Do you know this?

So everyone who do not think pirate is belong mutually hurting society phenomenon, please cheer.
finally we(Chinese) beat Microsoft badly in China.

There is more than 380 million internet users in China.

Count with 1000 million,

Do you know how many population in Netherlands?

population fewer than 14 million.

Then we China so big, so many populations, more than 1 billion, people have computer more than 
300 million.

Do you know how many population in USA?

Population in USA only 300 or 400 million.

We(China) have more internet users than USA population.

Microsoft can earn money in our big country,

So everyone think them pirate because the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China in 1840, and 
burn our summer palace. them can declare a victory.

So you may think pirate is not belong mutually hurting society,

We all can use some kind free software, like windows, and Microsoft can not earn money.

So pirate is we protect our country.

Then please look this picture,

This is motor vehicle producing countries 2012.

From this picture, you can find out China is the top 1 motor vehicle producing country, over USA and Japan.

What does this tell us?

Our country is not so poor anymore.

Only when we can buy so many cars, we will product so many cars.

I just can not believe foreigner will buy Chinese cars.

So China is a rich country,

We can count internet users (Because internet users usually have computer.)

So we know maybe there are 380 million computer in China,

We can learn from motor vehicle producing, there is so many people have their own motor vehicle.

So China is a very rich country.

But, in reality,

Is there a software industry in this country?

These are maybe many student who major computer science,

In China there is internet industry, websites, but is there any  software industry?

Zhuhai is a fascinating city,

Zhuhai is KingSoft's base.(KingSoft once is the best software company in China.)

Yesterday in one of restaurant of Beijing Normal University,Zhuhai

I had a small meeting with some students and local programmers,had a talk,

I ask everyone how do they think about KingSoft.

Someone talk about online game of KingSoft, someone motion  KingSoft Network, someone moiton 
game stduio of KingSoft, someone motion restaurant of KingSoft.

How did we think of KingSoft 10 years ago?

When I just learn how to use computer,

at this time, if you find some advertisement for typing, is teach you how to use WPS (the product of KingSoft).

WPS was so popular at this time.

Do you know KingSoft IPOed once?

And now they try to IPO another sub company.

But these 2 IPO is nothing about WPS.

The first IPO is for their online game.

for the online game department of KingSoft.

This time KingSoft IPO is for KingSoft Network, is nothing about WPS.

USA population is 200~300 million, China population is 1.3~1.5 billion.

Only count internet users, China is more than USA population.

So we find China' GDP is growing.

Someone think China' GDP will more than USA's GDP. Maybe someday.

Because the demographic bonus.

Do you know demographic bonus?

Because China's population, when they can consume a cellphone, the sales of cellphone will go to a point.

when they can consume a car, the sales of car will go to a point.

So when you use demographic bonus to evaluate any industry in China, you will get a reasonable result.

When people in China consumption level reach certain point,  certain industry will grow.

10 years age, I imagined our software industry will grow,

But after 10 years, I even can not find our software industry.

So someone think we use priate software, like planted a knife on Microsoft,

But Microsoft is fat just like me, this knife may stab at  fat,

never near internal organs, no so many blood.

Just need a small band-aid.

All income in China of Microsoft is small cake for Microsoft.

So Microsoft can live with or without China market.

But do software companies in China need China market?

So our pirate is plant a small knife on Microsoft, or sweep on Microsoft,

But use machine gun kill our Chinese software companies.

This is the pirate.

This is why I call pirate is mutually hurting society phenomenon.

It can not hurt Microsoft, can not hurt Google, can not hurt people in other country.

Because any company is base on their country.

So Microsoft have a very strong base in USA, although someone think Microsoft may be defeated by Google or Facebook.

But Microsoft still can make money.

Another problem is we only have the internet free model.

Internet free model sounds good.

Last year I heard a funny story, do you know Plant vs Zombies?

When Plant vs Zombies II go public, Chinese player are very happy, they said We beat PvZ II,

Chinese version is free, other country will cost several USD.

After several days they started to curse the game,

Why paid version can play all through, but free version only can free play 2 round,

Some people find out if you want play all round, you will pay more than buy this game in other country.

So free is good?

Today we have no time talk through it.

Next point is no innovation in this industry.

We just heard a innovation story from other speaker, now we talk about IT industry.

Yesterday, former president of KingSoft, Leijun public their new Xiaomi router. Do you know what is 
look like?

It looks just like magic touch pad from apple.

So today I said in weibo, "Copy and get all the detail of touch pad, but just look ugly"

We have a slogan "Copy to China", why? Why do we do this kinds things?

Because in China no one will respect copyright, you know?

When someone copy you product, you find you can never make a case in court, or even you can make your case, but the  compensation is too little. So next time do you want innovate?

Maybe someone alway want to innovate, I want too, so I said I can not change the world.

Someone maybe still want to change the world, they word hard, imagine they will be beaten by USA imperialism, but they be copied by their compatriot.

But I think the most import thing is human heart.

I think industry will change when the environment change.

I regret the change of human heart. 10 years ago, when you ask someone if their software is pirate, he 
will embarrassed, say I can find the software store, or is  too expensive.

But now? Do you meet someone use pirate with proud, Do you use pirate with proud?

I even can bear this, until someday I saw a blog. A iOS developer get a mail from 91 (pirate company ), 91 said his app is good, 91 want talk some business with he.

He is very angry, because his app made some big money for him, before pirated by 91. Now he barely can feed himself, so he is very angry.

It is already broken my heart, until I saw one reply.

It said you are a bitch, if there is no 91, I never will use your app.

I think what is logic?? I know you download this app from 91, but if there is no the author, there is no app!!!!!!

We alway said, every work is hard.

You know even a grain of rice can not get very easily, but why you think software can grow from tree?

Do you know the coders who death from overwork, how did they  dead?
They don't need hoeing, but they maybe work till 23:00 am or later, but their hard work no one value it.

( Some joke from audience)

So sometime I said I think I must show you around the software company, let you visit coders like visit animal of zoo.

Last speaker talk about how hard a handcraft artist to make a stamp, one word maybe need 30 minutes.  But why do you think programmer can write a function in 2 second? Maybe need 1 day, 2 days or more, every job is not easy.

But to everyone, pirate is so easy.

Someone may say I talk too far.

But I want say, now you steal other people' software, no one punish you, but dare you steal some rice from rice store? You will be beaten to death.

So let's talk a more sad topic.  How to jump out from mutually hurting society.

Do you know how to?

Can someone tell me is so easy?

I always think powerless in this country.

( Some joke from audience)

I always think powerless in this country. Because now I like travel, so I like check the AQI.When AQI over 200, I will not go out. Because I like walk for hours.

But you know when AQI over 200, you walk a day, next day your throat will be very painful, may last two and more days.

Once I gone to HongKong, I walked all day, very comfortable, because AOI was very low that day. 
So I think about where can I escape to?

How do I escape? I wear a respirator, but I am fat, so I make so many sweat, so when I wear a respirator, walk after 20 minutes, sweat will fill all the respirator.

And I will feel hard to breath when I wear a respirator.

Talk about gutter oil, how can I know what food is safe? In Shanghai, I have only way to avoid, I don't eat in cheap restaurant.

One day we have a small party at a coffee shop, when it close, we want to talk more, so we find a roadside barbecue.

After some drink and meat, someone ask a question make all of us be in a daze. He asked,"What meat do us eating?"

Then I carefully chewed the meat, it is not like pork, it not like beef and is not like mutton, I am not familiar with dog meat, so what is it? (Is it rat?)

Another friend ask me how do we do. I said let's eat, I can find any other place. So we eat all night, some meat we do not know what is it.

After I return from HongKong, some friend ask me what is impression. I said food is so cheap. They said "how? " "You finally get rich?" I said "It is cheap!!!"

I said when I am in Shanghai, I not dare to eat cheap food, when I first arrived HongKong, I not dare eat cheap food either.

But when I hungry, I went into a small restaurant, appearance of this restaurant is ragged, but inside lamp is light, and house is clean.

I asked a "Rice with Beef Brisket", when waiter bring it to me, she said "Sir, please careful, the plate is hot." I touch the plate, it is really hot. My eyes was filled with tears.

Do you know what I was thinking? I was thinking how expensive a meal in Shanghai the restaurant will warm the plate for me. I don't think I even have this kind meal. So I am so touched.

I stayed in HongKong 4 days. One meal cost me 30 HK$, one meal cost me 40 HK$, and so on, barely cost me money, I don't need to worry about what to eat.

So you know what I pursued is not big house, luxury car, I just only want every day eat safe, don't need worry about "What meat is it?"

But you can't escape. I can't control the policy of this country, can you?

How to escape? Do you think about immigrant? But not every one can immigrant.

I think about this a lot of time, I just get one simple solution, but may sound stupid and coward, is I am not going to hurt others.

So I live in a victim society, I am just victim not the bad guy.

So I can righteously condemn all bad guy, "You are all bad guy, I am good guy, I don't use pirate."

Someone asked me why you always condemn pirate, do you use? I said I do not use. This is only solution I get.

Today someone said in weibo, "Please don't always condemn CCTV woman reporter who birth their children in USA, although they said China is better than USA, but they still have right birth their children in other country. They maybe are hypocrisy, but everybody need make a living."

At first I agree everyone need make a living, but I think a lot and said, "Yes, when you do bad thing, you will said I need make a living, I need feed family, I have wife and children and parent."

But good guy don't need make a living? don't have wife and children? don't need feed them? So question is not you don't have choice, is how do you chose.

Bad guy is chose bad side on purpose, they do have choice. I believe everybody have choice.

I lived in this society so many years, I think the best thing is you can easy feed yourself. I am a programmer, I can get 1000-10000 RMB one month.

But I can imagine when I can not be a programmer, I can go to Mcdonald's to be a waiter, still can feed myself.

You can easy feed yourself, why you say you don't have choice? How dare you say you don't have choice? Thanks.